Zebra Shades

Superior Quality Day and Night Shades by Tulip Blinds

Tulip’s Zebra Shades are neat, compact and, unlike other systems, run on two individual rollers hidden inside the cassette.

Our complete range guarantees a perfect way to control privacy and light.


Zebra Shades
by Tulip Blinds


Zebra Shades
by Tulip Blinds

Why Choose Tulip's Zebra Shades

Our Zebra Shades are neat, compact and unlike other systems, run on two individual rollers encapsulated inside the cassette. The advantage is (when installed) it lowers down in the closed position so there is no time wasted in trying to align it.

During Manufacturing, we always set the bottom bar and fabric exactly the same on every blind. This ensures if you have four or five blinds in a row they will all stop in the closed position with ease on the window sill, where they will automatically come down closed and stop. To open them up, simply take the rear chain, pull it and the blind will then come into the open position.

Our double fabric allows you to adjust the alignment of sheer and solid stripes to alter the amount of light emitted into the room. With the one blind it is possible to achieve total privacy by aligning the horizontal stripes.

You may also create a sheer affect by aligning the translucent stripes or retract the blind completely when the mood takes you. This soft look shade uses a chain side control to adjust the alignment of the sheer and solid stripes to alter the amount of light entering the room.

Double Zebra Roller Cassetted Design

Our Double Roller Cassetted Design is unique in comparison to other Zebra (Day and Night) Shades on the market.

Each piece of fabric is attached to its own individual tube, which provides smoother blind operation and a more accurate adjustment of the fabric that allows a greater control of the desired light into the room.

Our Zebra Shades can be controlled by chain on the left or right hand side and come in a select range of colour fittings and chain finish options.

All our shades are constructed with quality components which will provide many years of reliability. In the event you do encounter a defective part, we will replace the part free or charge (under warranty) or you can simply order whichever replacement part you require if out of warranty.

We can manufacturer zebra shades up to a width and drop of up to 2.6 meters (or slightly more upon request).

Zebra Shade Cassette

Our Zebra Shade Cassettes are currently available in a choice of 3 colours; Ivory, Natural ( Anodised ) or White and can be optionally fitted with a Fabric Insert ( See Below ).

All of our Zebra Shade Cassettes are 70.4mm tall by 75.4mm deep.

Fabric Inserts

Add a finishing touch to your Tulip Zebra Shade by opting to have the chosen fabric, as an insert, fitted to your Zebra Shade Cassette.

This is an optional extra (not fitted as standard).


Choice of Chain

Our Chain Operated Rapid Roller Blinds come in a choice of nine stylish chain colours:

  • Satin Nickel
  • Raw Brass
  • Black Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Acid Brass
  • Grey Nickel
  • Antique Brass
  • White Plastic

Fixing Brackets

The Fixing Brackets for our Zebra Shades are designed to automatically clear standard window handles. Available in Top-Fix and Face-Fix, the integrated quick release mechanism makes it very easy to fit and take down the blind as the cassette simply hooks on for easy fitting. No measuring is required for bracket placement and once brackets are fitted, simply click into the cassette to secure the shade.

Fitting your Tulip Zebra Blind

Fitting your new Zebra Shades could not be easier.

Once you have face-fixed or top-fixed your fixing brackets, your new Tulip Zebra Shade simply clicks into place into the recess of your window.

Each Shade is easily adjustable by the operating chain and can be raised or lowered with ease.

See our colleague Richard Pearse demonstrating fitting in the following video.

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